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BF2E1 berofix 2 Port E1 / PRI Modul

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The BF2E1 is a PRI/ISDN Module for the berofix Baseboards and Boxes.

The BF2E1 Module can be configured individually to NT (Network Termination) or TE (Terminal Equipment) mode. The default Pin-Out of this module is always TE mode with used PINS 1,2,4,5. If you want to use NT-mode you may need a ?cross cable? which is optional available (the BFE1Cross). Line termination (120 ohms) is selectable by DIP switches on the module.

> Technische Beschreibung
- 2 PRI (S2M) Port
-configurable as NT or TE
-Termination Resistors 120 ohm switchable via DIPs
-Layer 2 is Q.921 and Layer 3 is Q.931 (EuroISDN DSS1) compatible
-DSS1 Feature set: CLIP/No-Screening, CLIR, COLP, UUS, MCID, CD, CNIP
-Q.SIG feature set: CNIP
-Dimension: 105 x 46 x 9 mm
-Weight: -Operating Temperature: 0-70°C
-CE and TBR-4 compliance (ISDN PRI)

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- Modul 2 PRI

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